Porcelain figure of SPRING c. 1930

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Figure, 8 inches high. A representation of Spring as a kneeling woman.
Modeled by the Danish sculptor, Jens Jacob Bregno(Bregnoe) 1877-1946

his Art Deco figure has the typical angular pose of this sculptural style.

Marked on the base in green with D J under a crown and model number 1175.

Jens Jacob Bregnö was educated at the School of Fine Arts in 1898 and was a pupil of Hans Lamberg-Petersen from 1902-1905. He made figures in porcelain for Bing & Gröndal and Dahl Jensen. Most of his other work was in bronze. Bregnö was one of the most popular artists in Denmark and he was the inspiration for many Danish sculptors. Bregnö was a gifted artist and was highly inspired by the masters like Michelangelo and Rodin. Bregnö was known for the realistic details found in his works. In the beginning of his career Bregnö worked primarily with Classic statues like his portrayals of “Samson” and “Hercules”. Later he worked in more contemporary idiom in his figures of women and children at work, figures from the tales of H.C Andersen and his water fountains. Bregnö worked in many countries, including Italy, France and Germany, as well as Egypt and Greece. Many of the works of Bregnö can be found in Copenhagen, like the large statue entitled “ Nurses with children” located in front of Bispebjerg Hospital.