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 Item Description





Dish, square with canted corners and molded ozier border decorated with floral sprays & insects; the well painted with a Watteau scene of a man & woman in a garden setting.

Reference; Europaisches Porzellan: Kunstgebemuseum, Der Stadt Koln by Barbara Beaucamp-Markowsky.Items # 97 & 98, pages 156-160.

Dot period. * small chip to foot rim.

Mark; underglaze blue crossed swords with dot between the pommels.





Dish,12" long Molded leaf shape with distinct veins. White ground painted with a blue floral pattern . Marcolini period.

Mark; underglaze blue crossed swords with star and painter's mark

c.1790 Meissen


 24843 SOLD

 Plate, 8-1/2" diameter. Molded ozier shape with pierced border & gold rim. The white body decorated with multicolored "deutsche Blumen" featuring a large tulip.

Mark: underglaze blue crossed swords.

c.1760  Meissen


 25163 SOLD

Salt, 1-3/8" x 3-1/4". Trencher shape decorated with blue foliate garlands. Marcolini period. Mark; underglaze blue crossed swords with star & "Z"

* factory flaw glazed rim chip

c.1790  Meissen


 23237 SOLD

Coffee pot, 9-1/2" high. Ribbed body decorated with floral sprays in puce monochrome, high domed lid with pointed finial. Presentation inscription in script "FGM".

No marks.

* restored kick of handle.

c.1790  Wallendorf


SOLD 33177

Teapot, 3"high, bullet shape with bird spout. The white ground painted with polychrome enamel European flowers or "Deuchen blumen".

Mark; underglaze blue crossed swords.

*loss to gold around rim,/chip to rim of lid






Teapot, 3-1/2"high, fluted spout, the white ground decorated with underglaze blue "Bird & tree pattern"an Oriental design of foliage and a bird, further embellished with gilding by Ferner.

Mark; underglaze blue crossed swords.

*tiny chip to inside of rim





 Coffee pot, 7"high. Lobed baluster shape with double twist handle. White ground with multiclored floral spray. High domed lid with apple finial .

Mark: underglaze blue shield & # 51 in orange-red.

 c. 1790  Vienna


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