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Beaker - Red Anchor Period

The Chelsea Porcelain Manufactory was founded in 1745 by Nicholas Sprimont, a sucessful immigrant Heugenot silversmith. His objective was to cater to the "Nobility and Gentry" with porcelain of exceptional quality and in the latest styles. His contacts and quality products soon led to Chelsea becoming the pre-eminent English factory.

During the life of the factory four different soft paste porcelain formulas were used corresponding with the Triangle, Raised Anchor, Red Anchor and Gold Anchor marks. Styles also changed from moulded shapes derived from silver through Kakeimon to botanicals and designs from Aesop's fables and then to the opulent figures and wares of the Gold Anchor period. Poor health interrupted operations and Sprimont's death in 1769 led to the acquisition of the factory by William Duesbury of the Derby factory.

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Plate, 8-1/2" diameter, shaped border with brown rim. Decorated with a bouquet of flowers and floral sprays. Red Anchor mark on reverse.

Area of loss to flower bouquet and minor wear to the brown enamel on rim

Reference; R. Severne Mackenna "Chelsea Porcelain; the Red Anchor Wares". Plate 37 for a similar plate.



Pierced basket, 3"high, 6-3/4"diameter. Open weave with applied blue flowers, brown rim, interior with two floral sprays.

Red anchor mark.

Minor losses to flowers, some staining



SOLD 33208

 Plate, 9-1/4" diameter, border with brown rim and molded floral panels alternating with bright polychrome flowers: the well with a molded border and centered with a floral sprig. The molded design is copied from the Meissen "Gotzkowsky" plate . This plate was shown in the English Ceramics from Northern California Collections exhibition held in 1980 at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor , San Francisco to coincide with the re-opening of the Porcelain gallery. (Number 84 in the catalogue.)

Red Anchor period. Unmarked.

Minor wear to the brown enamel on rim




 Plate, 9-1/4" diameter. Lobed rim edged with brown enamel with molded floral panels repeated in the well. Accented with scattered floral sprays and insects.This molded design is taken from the Meissen Gotzkowsky plate.

Red Anchor period. Unmarked.

Small rim chip restored.



SOLD 33205

 Plate, 8-1/2" diameter,brown rim, twelve lobes, alternating molded ribbed pattern with polychrome birds, well with floral sprigs.

Red Anchor Mark.

2 small rim chips restored.



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