A. Knight Restoration
Restoration of the finest quality
South Pasadena, California
B.A. Fine Art and 14 years experience in the restoration of fine English, American, European and Oriental Pottery, Porcelain, Tiles and Folk Art from the 18th century through modern times
Excellent figural capabilities and understanding of period styles
Specialist in matching the unusual glazes of Art pottery

For a free phone consultation call (323) 478 - 0428

Monday - Friday between 11.00 am and 5.00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)


Please have the piece to hand and be prepared to provide the following information:

  •      Type of object and Maker (if known)
  •      Materials of construction and size
  •      Nature of damage (into how many pieces, is anything missing?)
  •      Has there been prior restoration?
  •      How many different colors are involved and is the piece gilded?
  •      Type of restoration required, that is, as invisible as possible or useful.

A minimum restoration job costs $85.00.

Estimates can only be provided when the damaged item has been viewed and inspected.