San Francisco Ceramic Circle 2008 Lecture Program



Lecture title

1/6/2008 Sunday 1st talk 9.30-11.15AM

Harold Nelson, Independent Curator and Researcher, Los Angeles, California

Opulent Obsessions: The Ceramic Sculpture of Ralph Bacerra

1/6/2008 Sunday 2nd talk 11.30-1.00PM

Victor Owen, Professor of Geology, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

America's first porcelain: the Bartlam potworks, Cain Hoy, South Carolina

 1/31/2008 Thursday 7.30-9.45PM

John Sandon, International Director of Ceramics, Bonhams Auctioneers

 New thoughts on Bow

2/2/2008 Saturday





The appreciation and collection of pottery and porcelain

Colin Knight: Pottery and Porcelain basics; How it was made and how to tell.
Malcolm Gutter: Collecting Guidelines and Some Words of Experience
Suzanne Strid : Where does a collector find it
John Sandon : Collecting opportunities for English and Continental Ceramics
Tom Rogers: Practically Speaking: Conservation, Record Keeping, etc.
Dessa Goddard: Collecting opportunities for Asian Ceramics
Michael Sack: Transfer printed ceramics

 3/16/2008 Sunday 9.30-11.45AM

Ethel Mussen, Collector and SFCC Board member

Collecting at the Source: New Hands in the Old Molds

4/13/2008 Sunday 9.30-11.45AM

Ronald Fuchs, Curator of the Reeves Collection at Washington and Lee

Made in China: Export Porcelain from the Leo and Doris Hodroff Collection

5/11/2008 Sunday

SFCC MEMBERS ONLY EVENT. Tour of the Loggia Exhibit of Chinese Ceramics at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

6/28/2008 Saturday

Thomas Rogers, Curator of Collections , Filoli, Woodside

SFCC MEMBERS ( and their guests ) ONLY EVENT. Summer Social and tour of the collection at Filoli with emphasis on English and Dutch tin glazed eartenware ( delft ). Deadline for receipt of sign up 6/18. Luncheon $22 pp

7/17/2008 Thursday 7.00-9.45PM Porcelain Gallery, Legion

SFCC Members "Pot Night"

SFCC MEMBERS ( and their guests ) ONLY EVENT. SFCC Display and discussion of members' acquisitions

8/14/2008 Thursday 7.30-9.45PM Koret Theater deYoung Mus.

Leslie Grigsby, Curator of Ceramics and Glass, Winterthur Museum

"One bowl more and then...." : English Drinking Vessels and Traditions in Colonial America

9/11/2008 Thursday 7.30-9.45PM

Sheila Keppel, Potter and Chinese Art Historian

Exporting a Culture: the First Chinese Ceramics to Reach the West Coast of the Americas

10/16/ 2008 Thursday 7.30-9.45PM Koret Theater deYoung Mus.

Angela Howard, Specialist, Armorial Chinese Export Porcelain, Owner Heirloom and Howard , Wiltshire, England

Understanding Heraldry on Chinese Export Porcelain

11/16/2008 Sunday 9.30-11.15AM

Maureen Cassidy Geiger, Curator, The Arnhold Collection, Dresden / New York and Guest Curator, the Frick Collection

Meissen Porcelain for the French Market: the influence and input of the Marchands-Merciers ca. 1728 - 1756


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