The Worcester porcelain company was founded in 1751 by a group of local businessmen led by Dr. Wall, a physician. They aquired the rights to the Bristol soaprock formula from Lund together with his services for one year and a source of soaprock all of which got the factory off to a fast start. By 1752 product was already being shipped. The hybrid soaprock formula was highly resistant to thermal shock (unlike most English soft pastes of the period ) and it gained rapid acceptance for tea wares.

They were the first to introduce transfer printing on porcelain. Both printed and hand decorated wares of very high quality were made and a few figures. Examples can be found in the collections of most major U.S. and British Museums.

Some caution is required in attribution as similar marks have been used by Lowestoft, Caughley and by Sampson (Paris) and others.

See also Worcester, blue and white :British Tea Bowls, Cups & Cans

All are First Period (Dr Wall) up to 1783 unless attributed to another maker.

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 Item description




DESSERT DISH, 7-3/4 inches wide. Of shell shape decorated with poly chrome floral sprays. Brown rim. Small losses to enamel. In the making pitting to reverse

No mark


DESSERT DISH, 10 inches long. Heart shaped, decorated with poly chrome floral sprays. Brown rim.

No mark



PAIR OF DESSERT DISHES, OR SAUCER DISHES , 7 inches diameter. Of fluted form painted in polychrome enamels with scattered floral sprays. Gold rim. The reverse of one with small firing crack and the reverse of second with hairline crack in glaze.

Mark: a fretted square.


BOWL, 3 inches high, 6 inches diameter. "Kempthorne pattern". A "Japan" pattern first made as a thank you for Mr. Renatus Kempthorne and named after him.

Wear and loss to the enamel on center design in well. Roughness to rim.

Mark: a fretted square.

Compare with cup & saucer in Simon Spiro "Worcester porcelain, The Klepser Collection" page 86


TEABOWL & SAUCER, teabowl 2-1/4" high, saucer 5-1/2" diameter. Molded with spiral flutes. Decorated with a wavy gold band and black and gold sprigs. No mark. Vertical crack from rim of teabowl





SUGAR BOX, 5-1/2"high, 5-1/2"long. Oval shape with molded shanked ribs, molded ring handles. Pattern #15, white ground with small purple and gold sprigs. Gold rim, handles and finial.

FLIGHT. No mark. *Firing crack interior of lid.





SMALL JUNKET DISH, molded with spiral flutes. White body with underglaze blue and overpainted gold design.


Mark; Underglaze blue crescent

 c. 1790



33198 SOLD

  SMALL PLATE, 6-1/4"diameter. Shaped gilded rim. Scale blue ground with gilt scroll frames around the shaped white reserves decorated with muticolored flowers.

Mark: Underglaze blue fretted square

*Restoration to nick on rim.





33192  SOLD

 LARGE JUNKET DISH, 2-1/8" high, 11-1/2" diameter. Shaped rim boded form. Scale blue ground with gilt scroll frames around the shaped white reserves decorated with muticolored flowers.

MARK: Underglaze fretted square.

* kiln ash on reverse.






40035 SOLD

PLATE, 8-3/4 " diameter. Lobed rim . Decorated in a rich "Japan" palette with the "Best Queens" pattern, the four panels of flowers alternating with four deep blue bands each with gold foliage and a red mons.

Mark; underglaze blue crescent

With old labels from the Ball & the Lenhart collections. * light wear to gold in well.




40030 SOLD

SAUCER DISH, 7-1/2" diameter. Decorated in a rich "Japan" palette with the "Best Queens" pattern, the four panels of flowers alternating with four deep blue bands each with gold foliage and a red mons

Mark; underglaze blue fretted seal.
* light wear to gold

 c. 1770



33184  SOLD

CUP & SAUCER. Cup 2-1/4" high, saucer 4-1/2" diameter. Bell shaped cup with wishbone handle. Narrow black border line. Black print, "L'Amour". Signed with initials for Robert Hancock and the anchor rebus for Richard Holdship.

MARK; None.
* restoration to section of saucer rim




26394 SOLD

 SMALL TEAPOT, 3-1/4 inches high. Inverted pear shape with a faceted spout. Printed in black by Robert Hancock with "Gardener Grafting a Tree", the reverse with "L'Amour", signed with an anchor over "Worcester".

For an almost identical larger teapot using both these prints see "18th century Transfer- printed Porcelain and Enamels, The Joseph M. Handley Collection"

Unmarked. Cover now missing. Tiny chip to spout rim




26435 SOLD

 CREAM JUG, 3-1/2 inches high. Sparrow beak form with a simple loop ribbed handle. Decorated with the "Old Japan Sprig with Starburst" in underglaze blue, iron red, pink and green.


With a sticker from Wynn A Sayman.


26018 SOLD

COFFEE CUP & SAUCER, cup 2-1/2 inches high, saucer 5-1/4 inches diameter.

Fluted cup and fluted saucer. Royal blue border and floral sprays.
Centered with a rose and a turquoise diaper frame.
Gold rim and accents.
One small chip underneath rim of saucer.

Mark: an open crescent


 25551 SOLD

PLATE. diameter 8 inches. Fluted rim. Scale blue ground with three large reserves decorated with exotic birds alternating with vase shaped reserves featuring winged insects.






33189 SOLD

PLATE, 7-1/2"diameter. Shaped gold dentil rim with deep blue ground & gilded scroll design; the white well decorated with a floral bouquet.

From the Esperance Collection and Carter Collection sold by Marshall Field Chicago in 1946.

Mark: Underglaze blue open crescent.

*Kiln ash on reverse & minor rim chip restored.




40009 SOLD

 HOT MILK JUG WITH LID. 4-1/2" high.

Pear shaped with sparrow beak Decorated in poychrome enamels with sprays and a bouquet of flowers featuring a rose. The low domed lid with a bud finial. Plain handle.




40007 SOLD

 TEAPOT & COVER, 6" high. Painted in underglaze blue in the uncommon two quail pattern and over-enameled with iron-red, sepia and gold. Loop handle. Low domed lid with bud finial and applied leaves.

Mark; an open crescent in underglaze blue.

*small chip to under edge of spout




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