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Tucker Porcelain c.1828      SOLD

American ceramics were made initially for practical purposes to fill the need for useful wares. Early attempts were watched jealously by the makers in England who responded to competition by flooding the market.

In the mid 19th century however many skilled potters emigrated from England & Europe and set up business in the Ohio area. The pottery business grew rapidly and a wide variety of useful items were made as well as fashionable ornament wares. Pottery manufacture spread west with the population expansion and by the 20th century California had joined the pottery producing states.

Porcelain was more difficult to manufacture. Tucker was the first successful porcelain venture. Later the Belleek formula was adopted and used by Willetts, Ott & Brewer and Lenox among others.

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SEAFOOD SET, PORCELAIN. Serving platter, 12 inches x 7-3/4 inches and six crescent shaped dishes 9 inches long. Pale Green Ground, handpainted with fish and sea creatures. Limoges Blanks decorated and signed by Hannah M. Houck and dated 1886.

For further information on Amateur Painting in America


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VASE, POTTERY, 6-1/4 inches high. Model # 2108. Matt blue glaze, molded stylized flowers & leaf design. Designed by Charles S.Todd.

Impressed mark with date code.






VINTAGE PAIR OF VASES, 5-1/2" high. Elegant classical design with flared rim and square base. Delicate peach color with white base, handles and interior. Marked in green on base.

  Founded in Trenton,New Jersey in 1889, Lenox China aimed to make the finest porcelain in the United States. From 1918 they were appointed to make several official services for the White House. Lenox produced elaborate handpainted vases as well as elegant modern designs from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. The factory closed in 2005.






TWO BOOKENDS, 5-3/4 inches high, each modelled as an owl perched on a book. Brown caramel glaze. Model #2655. Impressed designer monogram of William MacDonald

Base with Monogram of artist and date code






PITCHER, LOTUS WARE, 5 inches high, 7-1/4 inches wide. "Valenceinnes" pattern. White with an applied net pattern and twisted rope handle. Marked in green on base.

   Lotus Ware was developed by Joshua Poole and designed by Heinrich Schmidt.

Knowles, Taylor & Knowles

East Liverpool,



26419 SOLD

MUG, POTTERY, 3-3/4" high. Tapering form with a deep recessed channel above the foot. Ear-shaped handle. Rich dark glossy Rockingham glaze. Unmarked.

Similar to Mug in "Bennington Pottery" by Richard Carter Barret, Plate 134, # A in bottom row



Bennington type



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